What can our Service department do for you and your vehicle?

  • Warrant of Fitness 
  • Tyre Sales 
  • Wheel Alignment 
  • Wheel Balance 
  • Suspension Repairs
  • Full Vehicle Valets 
  • Factory Trained Technicians 
  • Latest Factory Diagnostics Equipment 
  • Dent / Panel Repairs 
  • Mag Wheel Repairs 
  • Window Tinting 
  • Paint and Fabric Protection


Servicing today's modern vehicles takes more than a simple oil and filter change (although we do this too). Cars have become more sophisticated with in-built computers that coordinate engine management, safety and security systems to deliver optimum driving performance.

  • Our Mazda factory-trained Service Technicians are the experts in servicing your vehicle.
  • They are equipped with the Mazda Modular Diagnostic System (M-MDS), the latest in vehicle diagnostic equipment, designed to find if anything is wrong then fix it.
  • Our Service Technicians only use Genuine Mazda Parts, which are professionally engineered, manufactured and tested to meet Mazda's demanding quality standards.


A Health Check for your Mazda

Not sure if you need a service? Then why not give it a "Health Check" first? Our Mazda Health Check is how our Technicians check your vehicle's key operating systems by using the M-MDS. It involves:

  • A Self Diagnosis Test - to check if any faults have been stored in your car's electrical system.

  • An Input/output test - a physical test of vital electrical components.
  • A printed report to show you all the results.

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