Protect the Genuine Zoom-Zoom built into your car.

Our commitment to keeping the Zoom-Zoom in your Mazda ownership experience doesn’t end at the showroom door. Zoom-Zoom has been engineered into every part, because even something as simple as an oil filter, plays an important role in delivering the unique Mazda driving experience. As well as protecting your investment in a vehicle that already has outstanding resale value. So to protect the Zoom-Zoom that has been built into your car, be sure to ask for Genuine Mazda parts whenever any components need replacing.

Why Genuine Parts and Accessories?

Mazda is renowned for its engineering innovation and quality leadership which comes as standard in all our vehicles. The same care and attention that goes into engineering your vehicle also goes into developing and testing the genuine parts and accessories.

This is what is needed to maintain your vehicle’s performance, protect your investment and ensure its safe operation at all times. So make sure you insist on using Genuine Mazda Parts and Accessories.

  • All parts and accessories undergo comprehensive evaluation before they are approved to carry the label of a "Genuine Mazda Part or Accessory”, with each submitted to extremely stringent tests and specifications.
  • Genuine Mazda Parts and Genuine Mazda Accessories have been designed specifically for your Mazda to ensure optimum performance and reliability and maintain a consistency with the distinctive styling of your vehicle.
  • The use of Genuine Mazda Parts and Genuine Mazda Accessories ensures that you and your car benefit from the most advanced technological innovation and engineering developments.
  • Body panels are a good example of Mazda quality and performance. Genuine Mazda Body Parts fit perfectly saving labour time, keeping repair costs minimal and offering Mazda standard corrosion resistance.
  • Comprehensive crash tests ensure Genuine Mazda Panels always provide high levels of passenger safety.
  • Genuine Mazda Accessories are manufactured and engineered to meet Mazda’s and New Zealand’s demanding quality and safety standards. Every part is designed specifically to match and enhance your vehicle.


Genuine Parts & Accessories Warranty

How did we get our great reputation for durability and reliability? Through the quality of our parts. Safety is an essential feature of a quality automobile, that's why Mazda engineers recommend using only Genuine Mazda Parts and Accessories for your Mazda.
Mazdacare provides a 3 year 100,000km (whichever occurs first) warranty on all parts and accessories that are fitted by an authorized Mazda dealer, at the time of a new vehicle purchase. On any parts and accessories used in servicing and maintenance of vehicles when purchased from and fitted by a Mazda dealer, mazdacare provides a 1 year or 20,000km warranty (whichever occurs first).
It's all part of our mazdacare commitment. Conditions and limitations apply, which can be viewed below. So to protect the Zoom-Zoom which is built into your Mazda, remember to always ask for Mazda Genuine Parts and Accessories. At Mazda we love your car too, that's what mazdacare is all about.